#100 Funk Under Attack

Well here it is. The last and final piece for the year.

This one came about by chance,  as the word got out that I was looking for a nice legal spot where I could take my time and flex out a bit for #100, Zane hit me up. He told me about this spot he has near his shop, Streetlife in Escondido. He sent me some flicks of the wall, and I told him I was with it. I then told him about this apocalyptic/robot theme and Zane said he was down to rock it for the background, which was cool because I could then concentrate all my effort on the piece and not worry about the background.  Zane came through strong and the theme came off I think. It kinda represents how traditional funk styles are now under attack, but always shine through in the end no matter how much is thrown at it. Funk forever! Hope you all like the flicks. Enjoy

If you’re in Escondido hit up Streetlife and Zane to check out the piece around the back.






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