Wrapping Things Up and Final Thoughts

As this project has come to an end, I’ve decided write down my thoughts on how it all went down, while it’s all somewhat fresh in my mind.

The Idea was spawned from Rapes ATT who did 120 pieces in 2011 (click link to see) so all credit due to him. When I went to Ithaca New York to paint with him and others at an event in 2013, I asked him about his year long mission and he told me I should try it. At the time, I laughed it off, too hard I thought, but  when I moved back to Cali and started scouting out spots again, I started to rethink the idea. I thought of the idea of calling it out before hand and blogging my progress as I went, so people could follow along as the project progressed, and also try my best to paint a wide variety of different spots and surfaces. Calling myself out and making the project public was also my way of ensuring that I stuck with it, knowing myself, I knew I would not allow myself to fail if others were watching me.


Rapes 18th Piece of 120 in 2011

Sometime during the latter half of 2014 is when I decided that I was going to do the project in 2015, the plan being to refrain from painting too much the rest of 14 and to scout out as many spots as possible. That really didn’t go as planned and I ended up staying really active though to the end of 2014 and using up quite a bit of my paint, which was why I started out the project with several silvers.


#1 Zone/Ache/Duel

I stacked paint and spots and eventually worked in a lot of color pieces. The goal being two pieces average per week, 52 weeks in a year, at 2 pieces per week, it would put me right where I needed to be at the end of the year.


#4 of 100 and first full color piece of the year

A few times I was able to pull off multiple pieces in one day in order to give myself a break for the next day or week which helped me pace myself and avoid burnout. I gained a lot of speed to my painting technique as the project progressed which helped.39

A few of the keys:

  1. Using a lot of Rusto and planning resupply of premium paint for detail work. Keeping paint as organized as possible.


    This new Rusto Light Turquoise and Coral were big.

  2. Exploring new areas for spots, abandoned places, tunnels, bridges, and legals. Try to keep things varied.



  3. Always having paint in the trunk of the car, If a couple hours opened up on my schedule I was ready to go.

    Piece done after work.


  4. Good partners!



  5. Knowledge of the city tunnel systems proved to pay off big.


    Chamber in a tunnel system

In the middle of the year I won a blackbook contest for 004 Connect which led to a painting contest in which I won 100 cans of Evolve paint. This paint helped a lot, but in reality I burned through it pretty quick.


Evolve piece in Miami which won me 100 Cans of paint


That about Sums it up. I hope you enjoyed the project. I surely did. I’m glad I did it, If I could go back in time I would do it again, but I don’t have any desire to do it twice if that makes any sense? Looking forward to relaxing and painting bigger and better pieces this year in 2016. Peace.

A Few of my favorites from the 100:





Venture into the Abyss


#100 Funk Under Attack

Well here it is. The last and final piece for the year.

This one came about by chance,  as the word got out that I was looking for a nice legal spot where I could take my time and flex out a bit for #100, Zane hit me up. He told me about this spot he has near his shop, Streetlife in Escondido. He sent me some flicks of the wall, and I told him I was with it. I then told him about this apocalyptic/robot theme and Zane said he was down to rock it for the background, which was cool because I could then concentrate all my effort on the piece and not worry about the background.  Zane came through strong and the theme came off I think. It kinda represents how traditional funk styles are now under attack, but always shine through in the end no matter how much is thrown at it. Funk forever! Hope you all like the flicks. Enjoy

If you’re in Escondido hit up Streetlife and Zane to check out the piece around the back.






#96 EarlyMorning “Rap Sprays”

I guess the hipster writers call what we do “rap sprays” and I’m cool with that. Rap Sprays it is. We got up early for this one, with Duel showing up right after me and  Boogie were done buffing. Perfect sizing for us 3 to take the whole wall from end to end. The sun came out just in time to hate on Boogie’s photo op..Such is life.


A rap spay a day keeps the toys away





#94 Out of Space, Out of Time

I was pressed for time and space, but I had about 45 minutes to spare and this small panel, so I went to work on this little freestyle. I think 98 percent of this project will be a freestyle when it’s all said and done. Good exercises for the future I think. Style got one in to my right, Luke on a metal roll up door on my Left…I had to leave before they were done..I’ll see about those flicks later. Peace.