#88 Stuck in the Mud

Here’s a quick little silver piece. The spot was a little muddy, but I was still able to finish.¬† The Face O is something I’ve done a few times and will probably keep doing every once in a while.



Muddy boot

#83 Purple Reign

Here’s the 3rd day of spraycation. I stuck with the purple tones since it’s been a while since I’ve done a purple piece. I had time to get a characer in the mix too. The whole production came out dope, but you’ll have to come to the show next year to see it, or just go flick it yourself. Peace.




#81 The Warm Up

Crew mate Hemps was in town for the week, so we warmed up by rocking these two pieces at the Writers Block. It rained pretty good and we had to stop for a while but luckily it cleared up before dark and we were able to finish up and get flicks before taking off to plan the next mission.






#78 Not a Game Changer..

I didn’t intend for this to be a Chargers themed piece but I decided to do my layout sketch in yellow, so as i looked at it, it got me in the mood to rock a Chargers powder blue themed piece. It was a nice session with no one around to bother me, except one tweeker who came around saying he was a writer and trying to “borrow” my phone..Sorry kid.


The piece brought no good luck.


Charger Mascot has to shead a tear