#87 Kingz of Style Event

#87 was dope, we were able to get  a good majority of the crew together on one wall (8 of us) which is a record.  I think the most we’ve ever had before is maybe 5 of us. It was a good time. I’ll have to get a connector shot made once all the pieces are completed and photos shot.




#74 Wedding Planner

I was up north for Lord Wesk’s wedding, I had about an hour to kill so I knocked this one out with the help of sasi filling in with the fat caps..we got done just in time to go change and be back in time to see Ricky and Noe tie the knot. Great times..


#50 The Halfway Point

Late night freestyle on the other side of the Avenue shop.  I spent some time on the fill here. This is a technique we used to do in the late 80’s when Phantom caps first started getting used in San Diego, which you don’t see too often nowadays. I think I’m going to keep working with this more often. I received a text from Kool Sphere while I was rocking the piece and he sent me a quick b-boy sketch which I flipped and added my own touches to.

Seems like it’s taken me forever to get to number 50…Long way to go yet..



Sphere Sketch

#48 Renegades of Funk!

This was some real fun here. I was telling Topr about this “Renegades” silver piece I did in the Euclid Pit back in 88 or 89, and I got to thinking, why not do another one, but this time spell out the entire song title and add “of Funk” to it?? Hmm… I have enough silver I just needed a spot long enough, and this spot fit the bill perfectly for that. I also didn’t want to be spending too much time in this spot so I enlisted the help of my homie Werk VFW to blast in the fill with a fat cap and and the 3D while I did the outline and detail work.  We were done in about two hours. Not to bad for a couple of old salts. This piece was freestyled off the head with the backwards lower case e to pay respects to the year of 1988.

A little background on the Renegades thing. I was a prez of the VCR Crew back in 88/89 with most of the members  later to be absorbed into the TMK crew, and we called ourselves the VC Renegades, and I was also a member of the San Diego BBoy Crew Renegades of Funk who later became the SD chapter of RSC . So the Renegade thing has always has a special place in my hip hop heart and history..Thanks for stopping by. Hint: CLICK PICS TO VIEW LARGE

No matter how Hard you try.. (click to view large!)

No matter how Hard you try..


You can’t Stop Us Now….


#32 I Killed Your Style Master

This one was done at the Battlegrounds event which I try to make it out to every year and represent at. I was trying to come up with some type of theme the night before, and came up with the Idea of the old Kung Fu Masters, since my crew and I are all old guys compared to most of the younger kids that come out to paint at this event.  I always try and do something dope that the younger kids will like, and put a good amount of time and effort into my piece.  This one came out pretty cool. The right character came out nice and easy, but not so much with the left one. It took me a while to get it to look good and I had to keep tweaking it. 

WST members Arest and Izze also rocked some real dope pieces, Check out the flicks.

Also photos in action here were contributed by @sandiegostreetartofficial and @cameramangeorge give those two gents a follow.

32action 321

Arest150 rocking the Paris dedication piece

Izzy as “izhe”

#31 Who Stole the BBoy’s Hat?

This was a dope project that Style set up with a community clean up organization. This building has been abandoned for a long time so the organization set up a community clean up day to clean up the trash and beautify the walls. Thats where we came in. Me Izzy and Bizar got the long wall which was perfect for 3 pieces and some characters.  Angel once came through and rocked his trademark pink elephants. We collabed and I put a kangol and BBoy style hands on one of Angel’s elephants perched on the E of my piece.  We got done just in time as a storm rolled in late in the afternoon.


Surveying the area…

style throws up his outline

style throws up his outline


Izzy outlines


Angel Once shows the city some love

Style gets center stage

Style gets center stage

outline started

outline started

Done..who stole my bboy's hat?

Done..who stole my bboy’s hat?

Izzy flanked by a herd of elephants.

Izzy flanked by a herd of elephants.



#26 keeping it moving

I stopped by this little place to rock a silver after work..Had maybe an hour and a half window before it got dark so I churned this guy out in about an hour, took my flicks and got outta there. Mosquito season is in full effect. Time to break out the Deep Woods Off.

Winding down after work

Winding down after work