#32 I Killed Your Style Master

This one was done at the Battlegrounds event which I try to make it out to every year and represent at. I was trying to come up with some type of theme the night before, and came up with the Idea of the old Kung Fu Masters, since my crew and I are all old guys compared to most of the younger kids that come out to paint at this event.  I always try and do something dope that the younger kids will like, and put a good amount of time and effort into my piece.  This one came out pretty cool. The right character came out nice and easy, but not so much with the left one. It took me a while to get it to look good and I had to keep tweaking it. 

WST members Arest and Izze also rocked some real dope pieces, Check out the flicks.

Also photos in action here were contributed by @sandiegostreetartofficial and @cameramangeorge give those two gents a follow.

32action 321

Arest150 rocking the Paris dedication piece

Izzy as “izhe”

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