#33 Throwback to a Bygone Era

I’ve been slacking on my updates lately, that’s probably cause I haven’t really done too much this past week, due to life and family situations and events..That’s OK though Family always comes first, as it should be. I’ll make up ground in the coming weeks no problem.

Anyways I was able to knock out this quick one and kill some scraps…Light Turquoise Rusto and Coral I wanted to see how that paint would lay down on some raw concrete…Not bad.

Not my best piece, but not my worst either. I left my 3D solid black in an attempt to capture the essence of that late 80’s early 90’s steez in the tradition of the DTK Crew who I learned so much from coming up as a young buck. I think it would have came off better with a curvier style. Anyways that was the plan, and after expending all my energy at Battlegrounds the day before, this was all the energy I could muster up..Small break should do me some good and let me re-group.

Quick Scrap Can Killer

Quick Scrap Can Killer

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