#34 Chutes and Ladders

This was my first piece at the borderland Jam. I arrived to find that I was going to be up on a ladder. After whining and crying about it, I pulled up the old boot straps and went to work. I kept it real simple since I wasn’t trying to spend any more time on that ladder than I needed to. After completing the piece I put one of my B-Boy characters between Arest and Izzy. Pent TNR came through from AZ and rocked the piece on the top right.

This wall was put together by Arest who came up with the color scheme and lined up the wall with the event coordinators months prior to the event . Props go out to him for puttin in the work to make it all happen.

Much love goes out to our sponsors East2westconnect for providing the paint and  Wild Style Technicians for lacing us up with fresh gear.

layout work

layout work



working into the night.

zone and Arest150

completed project

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