#48 Renegades of Funk!

This was some real fun here. I was telling Topr about this “Renegades” silver piece I did in the Euclid Pit back in 88 or 89, and I got to thinking, why not do another one, but this time spell out the entire song title and add “of Funk” to it?? Hmm… I have enough silver I just needed a spot long enough, and this spot fit the bill perfectly for that. I also didn’t want to be spending too much time in this spot so I enlisted the help of my homie Werk VFW to blast in the fill with a fat cap and and the 3D while I did the outline and detail work.  We were done in about two hours. Not to bad for a couple of old salts. This piece was freestyled off the head with the backwards lower case e to pay respects to the year of 1988.

A little background on the Renegades thing. I was a prez of the VCR Crew back in 88/89 with most of the members  later to be absorbed into the TMK crew, and we called ourselves the VC Renegades, and I was also a member of the San Diego BBoy Crew Renegades of Funk who later became the SD chapter of RSC . So the Renegade thing has always has a special place in my hip hop heart and history..Thanks for stopping by. Hint: CLICK PICS TO VIEW LARGE

No matter how Hard you try.. (click to view large!)

No matter how Hard you try..


You can’t Stop Us Now….


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