#16 Stank Funk

I went on an early morning excursion to this little spot.  This spot is typical of your burned out Southern Cali Yard,  toys leaving cans and trash everywhere, lots of throw ups where there should be pieces etc..Anyways, I was in the general vicinity and decided to drop a piece in this spot. There was and unbelievable stench of rotting flesh that I couldn’t shake…After finishing my piece I notices a bunch of trash bags, some of which were ripped open, and I could see fur sticking out..Someone had dumped a bunch of dead animals over the side of the bridge..Crazy shit. I finished the piece and got the hell out of there.


One of the reasons yards get burnt, pick up your trash.




The sun comes out just in time to ruin the photo.


bags full of some kind of dead animal. carcases.

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