#23 for Lord Style (Hidden L)

After I finished up the character on the Production with Arest150, I threw this one up for Style for his B-day the next day. While I was just starting the final outline, I get a call from Arest who left about 15 minutes earlier….Yo there’s some cops out in front of the building trying to figure out how get to to the tracks. This spot is not easy to get to, and takes miles of track walking, so I figured I had enough time to finish up, but I was constantly looking over my shoulder for the cops with everything packed up except the can I was working with..Somehow I didn’t cut the L out while outlining the piece like I should have  but it’s it there..I Finished up the piece and bounced and didn’t notice until Arest pointed it out when I texted him a flick…One of those Oh shit moments..




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