#42 Zone vs Clown in Miami

I entered this black book contest a month ago put on by 004 Connec.   The top two contestents were to be flown out to Miami to compete on the 004 Connec wall for 100 cans of  Evolve Paint  . When the dust settled it was Clown TITs  and I left standing. Clown is a friend of mine who I’ve painted with in the past and knew I had my work cut out for me.

This battle was unique in a sense that we were both painting the word “evolve” and not our names, although I did sneak my name into my piece in a subliminal way. We worked during the Wynwood Art Districts Art Walk event that goes down on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

We started painting at about 6PM and both finished around the same time at 3 AM or so after painting non stop for 9 hours…Beer time…

The blank wall

Putting up the outline

Going toe to toe

Sweating my ass off

Clowns piece. Rocking the crazy bright fill. Check out the rips and tears on the surface of the letters.

My Piece. With the Lizard King of Funk.

Lizard King of Funk

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