#45 Scrap Can Disposal 

Getting rid of as many scrap cans as we could was the mission here.  With our last prodo here getting covered by some wierdo graff, it was time to go back and re-assert ourselves. We each brought all the scrap cans we had and emptied them into our fills to contrast against the gray background. I think it worked out pretty good and will clear out some storage room with getting rid of all the scraps.

My piece was a throw back of sorts, working some styles and techniques I saw Quasar do back in the late 80’s with my own twist of funk. I used all brands of scrap cans in my fill and outlined with an Evolve Crude Oil black and about a quarter can of Evolve silver used in the 3D. See you out there..

Buff duty

Clown Lays out the background

The “plumber”

Channeling my inner Quazar..







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