#67 Sase’ Dedication

I Rocked this one after work the other day. It was done in in an exact 2 hour time frame. It has some technical flaws here and there but overall I like how it came out. The majority of the fill was done with the new Rustoleum Coral with some evolve light orange mixed in and a little scrap of 94 peach. The outline done with Evolve Black since I was sent a case of 12 after winning the battle in Miami, I’ve been putting it to work with no complaints.

This one’s dedicated to my wife who puts up with me and my crawling around in these tunnels to paint. The other day I got back home  from one of these spots and she asked me, ” Where have you been?, Did you piss on yourself? Me, “Uh…No..” Man I better get these clothes washed, my ass in the shower and these boots outside before I get kicked out of the house hahah..






Arrow passing through


Freestyles S

Until next time…

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