#27 Style of Old

Thanks for checking in. This one was another one of Style and Zone’s morning sessions. Get up early even when you really don’t feel like it type mornings. Yea you know the feeling..We decided to bring buff paint this time to clean up the background, the cool thing about this spot is that its big and long and you can spread out. If you noticed lately I’ve been straying away from  a lot of curves in my style. I decided to switch it up and go with the curves and loops, turtle shell 3D and no designs inside the fill, just fades. The piece was freestyled off the head like pretty much all my pieces have been lately since I have no time to draw, only paint and go to work..repeat the cycle. Anyways I originally put a standard hole in the “O” and it looked boring so I covered it and put the face in there at the last minute. I think I was inspired by Pesa WST’s  “Dope” piece he did a few years back, which I’ll post a flick of here on my next update.

I have to give props to where props are due, this piece brings me back to the days of Charlie and  Dream (SMD) who were a big influence on me in my early days,  and of course the elements in this style that were brought to the west by Soon One.

Enjoy the flicks.

Switching it up a little bit.

Switching it up a little bit.

Style goes West Coast retro as well with a fill yellow inline.

Style goes West Coast retro as well with a full pink inline.



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