#28 Hand on the Pump

After #27 I drove down to the Blok and did this piece. I freeestyled the piece and then used a Sketch from Range FUA for the character. Range posted the sketch online, and when I saw it I wanted to try painting it. Back in high school in 88 there were these two twin kids from Bushwick/ Brooklyn NY who moved to San Diego. One of them wrote and had the naturally dope NYC handstyles and throw ups that I loved to look at, and also listen to them both tell stories about NYC, and “taxing” kids for their black books and paint. Both these dudes looked like the range character, with the high top fade and a part line. a couple of kids you didn’t want to mess with.   Anyways that’s the story of the character and how the sketch from range brought back some cool memories. I don’t think I really captured the flavor of the original sketch, but it came out OK..


Here's Range's  original sketch

Here’s Range’s original sketch

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