#52 Back to My Roots..

I took a trip to an old spot that used to be poppin in the 80’s…old school San Diego kings like Phantasm (sake), Quasar, Dest, Izzy, Zeno, Max, Zard, Raid, Kazi, Buster, Etc..all had pieces here back in 85-87. When I was just a toy, I would go here to flick the pieces with my 110 camera. In 88 I was skilled enough to put up a piece here with Shok VCR and Space DBL, which would be the first of many that I would put up here. This spot had a variety of spaces, railroad/trolley tressel walls, tunnels, bridges and the angled pit walls that were popular for huge productions by Quasar and Sake.  Pieces were still being put up here up until about 89-90 Until writers started moving on to to other spots in the city like the Euclid pit and Olive St. Anyways, it was good to be back, although there were zero remnants of the old days, the fade of the sun and the buff have pretty much taken all of that out, sadly and I did look pretty hard. More on this spot in my next post…


Never forget your roots


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