#53 Sitting On Chrome

After finishing one silver for #52, I still had more than enough paint in my bag for another one, so I dropped this one the same morning.  I really wasn’t feeling it at all, and I almost abandoned the piece after I seen some lady watching me from a 2nd story window afar. That building wasn’t there 25 years ago, but while some things change, others don’t, and people in this neighborhood are not too keen on calling the cops, so I stuck with it and it came out alright and  I actually kind of liked it in the end, and no sign of the Babylonians..I remember Quasar or Sake telling me about some old lady that would come out and give you lemonade if you were piecing the wall across from her back yard near this spot..Back then you worried about the Gang Bangers from the neighborhood and less about cops. It was a good morning to be out and about and taking in the history.


Sun out just in time to hate on the photo op..


Same exact spot 1988…Zone, Echo(RIP), Shok, Space, Haze, Kere, Taken(RIP), Escape, Zeno….Raid (RIP) took the photo. We were posing in front of Zeno’s “Crunch” piece which ran for years. Even the Cholo writing was fresher then..Miss these days.


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